About Us

Our Story

The impetus for creating this forum software was a forum we created in 2004 hours after the Boxing Day Tsunami. Desperate to locate family and friends, we searched the internet for a website that would give us more information. Not finding one, we decided to create a website and forum ourselves using a popular open source BB software.

We initially setup the site to help people track down missing family members, elicit donations for essential supplies, coordinate relief efforts, provide information and offer support. The site attracted thousands of visitors within hours, crashing our servers several times. We began receiving email from all over the world - from people searching for loved ones, to one man offering to donate a water bowser truck! The power of technology and people, if it hadn't been evident to us before, was now.

However, while it served its purpose, the forum had several issues that got in the way of us doing what we really wanted to. It crashed several times, people kept asking the same questions over and over again, information that was really important ended up being buried deep inside discussion threads, and it took more time to manage the forum than we would have liked. We had no other forum software that could solve at least some of these issues at once.

Given the sensitive and critical nature of what we were doing, we knew there had to be a better way to create a community, help people search for what they were looking for and allow information to be easily created and accessible by anyone.

We approached the project like we do many of our others. We brainstormed, we did a GANNT chart, we came up with budgets and timelines... Actually, we did none of that. Having a full-time software development business to run, we could only work on WikidForum in our 'off time' and so there was no deadlines, no stakeholder meetings... just bunch of code that we kept coming back to whenever we had time, and a burning desire to offer a forum that could possibly make the world a little bit better. Thus came this forum software to life.

The initial beta Community Edition of WikidForum, our innovative forum software, is offered under the Open Source License Version 3. Our goal is to keep the community edition open to developers and loyal fans. The Enterprise Edition (coming soon) will have features that are beneficial to large corporations and thus help us pay the bills.