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Want to avoid frustrating your moderators?

With just one click, your users can take any discussion thread and turn it into an article, editing or adding more information, just like you would a wiki entry!

Need an answer super fast?

As you type in your question, WikidForum shows you a dynamic display of all previous queries related to the keywords you type in – on the fly!

No time to write content?

Allow the users on your site to create the easily articles they need and feel are important. Soon you’ll have a library of content that your users will keep coming back to.

Worried about search engine optimization?

The articles and forum are designed to be SEO-friendly, allowing them to be easily indexed by prominent search engines like Google, and allowing more users to find your site.

Looking for ways to increase user loyalty?

Easily reward and recognize users that participate actively in your forum through leaderboards and stars.

Admin Features

  • Moderate forum content
  • Ban Users
  • Ban Posts
  • Edit Content Wiki Articles
  • Browse most recent posts
  • Browse most recent wiki articles
  • Browse most popular posts
  • Browse most popular wiki articles

The best way to find out if WikidForum is right for your community is to try it out.

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